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Founded in 1993,
NGN Marketing started as a unique international advertising agency with the primary focus on multinational niche markets. Print, TV and radio were the main media vehicles utilized for developing marketing campaigns. In addition to servicing members of the Ohio, PA and NY business communities, the company provided unique services to the international media developing targeted advertising, direct mail and online marketing campaigns for healthcare, travel, banking, sports, media, SMB, and entertainment industries.

Since 2002, the focus of our services has shifted toward a telecommunication industry where another unique niche market has been added to our portfolio.  That allowed us to serve dozens of the leading wireless industry manufacturers and system integrators, companies in the software, hardware and other technical professional services industries. Today, with the new management weathered in a dynamic “FDD and FHSS” distributor environment, we have secured reliable collaborative relationships with dozens of wireless industry leaders, such as Motorola, HP ProCurve, Alvarion and Proxim, to name a few. The technology market expertise, gained in the last decade, expanded into an array of comprehensive marketing and design services, thus, turning NGN Marketing into a far more versatile and capable marketing firm. We are the perfect blend of advertising agency and wireless technology company (we sell products!); we speak the industry language and focus on three main directions:
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Technology equipment sales
Today, we are able to handle the core aspects of your national and international marketing communication needs, deal with custom and ubiquitous marketing demand and have enough throughput to meet the most demanding deadlines. While maintaining the personal touch and simple approach, we can make a difference in creating marketing programs that support your sales objectives and provide your company with tools to succeed.